Friday, October 15, 2010

Liberals Lament: Voter Registration Declines

The world of community organizers and the left have long advocated for expanding voter registration.  There are primarily two reasons for this liberal fetish. 1. The more voters they can register, the more they can use to cheat. 2. People who are not engaged in politics enough to even register to vote, tend to be drones who are susceptible to absorbing the liberal lies hook, line, and sinker.  Now, the liberals at the Washington Independent are wringing their hands over declining voter registration.  Here is their report:

"Registration patterns vary significantly from state to state, but 26.7 percent fewer new voters have registered in Florida this year than in 2006, along with 21.4 percent fewer in Maryland and 16.9 percent fewer in Tennessee, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, a public policy and law institute at New York University. And while there’s no single cause for the decline, experts point out that many independent organizations are withering under a combination of public attacks by conservative activists alleging voter fraud and new state laws making it difficult for such groups to operate. “A four-year wave of attacks on voter registration drives, both in terms of state laws that either shut down voter registration drives or made it too onerous to do it, and other public attacks have certainly had an effect,” said Wendy Weiser, director of the Brennan Center’s Voting Rights and Elections Project."

So they are crying about the fact that we are actually implementing laws that prevent voter fraud and are prosecuting those community organizers who engage in it!  If anything, this is the best news that I have seen all cycle long.  Incidentally, the three states that are mentioned in this article, Florida, Maryland, and Tennessee, all experienced record low Democrat turnout in the primaries.  For conservatives, this means less fraud, less manipulation of the electoral process, less drones, and less power to the Cocktail Party and Food Stamp Party coalition.  Here is the complete report from the Brennen Center for Justice.  Let's just hope that they are correct and ACORN hasn't successfully operated under the radar during this election cycle.

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