Thursday, June 02, 2011

Update on In-State Tuition Petition Drive

It turns out that the first round of the petition drive was even more auspicious that previously reported.  Yesterday, it was announced that over 40,000 signatures had been collected, well over the 18,500 needed by the May 30 deadline.  The final number of signatures that were turned in to the Maryland Board of Elections was 62,496!  That is more than the 55,736 needed for the total submission due on June 30.  Delegate Neil Parrott reported that almost 14,000 came from Baltimore County alone.

Despite the early success of the petition drive, we must continue to collect signatures so we can send the criminal politicians an unequivocal message.  Moreover, we need to ensure that there are many more signatures over and beyond the requisite 55,000 in order to compensate for the petitions that will invariably be disqualified.

Please continue circulating the petition in your community.  If you experience any harassment from unsavory community agitators like CASA de Maryland, please contact

Let's evince a strong and mobilized opposition to the oligarchy in Annapolis so they will think twice before they pass more malevolent legislation.

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