Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bi-Partisan Support for Petition Drive from Baltimore Council

As the number of certified signatures for the anti-illegal immigration tuition drive surges towards 40,000, proponents of the petition drive are getting an unexpected boost.  The Baltimore County Council, controlled by Democrats 5-2, is issuing a statement in support of the tuition drive.  Remember that Baltimore County was the key to success during the first round of the drive, as over 20,000 signatures came from that jurisdiction.  The newfound bi-partisan support from the council will help put us over the top.  Bryan Sears of the Towson Patch reports:

At least five of the seven members of the Baltimore County Council will sign onto a letter encouraging county residents to support an effort to overturn a new state law that grants in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.Councilman Todd Huff said Wednesday evening that Democratic Councilwoman Vicki Almond and Cathy Bevins will join with him, Council Chairman John A. Olszewski Sr. and David Marks in signing a letter of support as early as this week.

"This is a means of showing support as individuals," said Olszewski, a Dundalk Democrat. All three said the letter of support will serve in place of a resolution. The council historically has avoided approving resolutions taking stands on state and federal issues.

By signing the letter, the council members are backing a statewide movement to overturn the Maryland Dream Act by placing the in-state tuition law on the 2012 ballot as a referendum that voters will vote up or down.
The amazing thing is that we will come close to obtaining the full 55,000 signatures just from the first round.  Let's keep up the momentum and send an overwhelming message to the criminal politicians in Annapolis.  If you haven't signed the petition yet, go to and volunteer to circulate the petition in your community.

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