Friday, June 24, 2011

Democrat Rep. Woolsey Chants Anti-Israel Slogans with Code Pink

Remember that shrill code pink activist who "somehow" got into the House chamber and disrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech?  Well, we might know who let her in.  Last week, Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) was caught on tape chanting anti-Israel slogans at a code pink rally for the Palestinian terrorists.  Here's the catch.  The woman speaking at the rally is the same piece of human debris that disrupted Netanyahu's speech.  At the end of the video, Woolsey takes the stage and lauds the code pink activist for disturbing the decorum of the government body in which she serves.

(H.T. The Blaze)

The sad thing is that she represents a radical suburban San Francisco district, rated D+23 by Charlie Cook.  It says a lot about the state of our nation that such a detestable person can repeatedly be reelected to Congress.

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