Monday, June 27, 2011

Maryland Gov't Complicit in CASA's Illegal Intimidation Tactics

 Call the Maryland Board of Elections and tell them to stop collaborating with a criminal organization to intimidate those who are exercising their civic duties.  Politely request that they keep the petition records away from CASA de Maryland.


There is something fundamentally wrong when an organization, whose sole purpose is to subvert the law, is granted resources by government to intimidate those who desire to restore the law.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what is occurring in Maryland, as the state Board of Elections is turning over the names of the petitioners to CASA de Maryland.  In a sane world, any organization that advocates for illegal aliens should be shut down.  In Maryland, CASA is funded with taxpayer dollars, and now they are being provided with the names of those who signed the petition against the Maryland Nightmare act.

Here is the latest from Deleage Mike Smigiel:

I just realized that there is no longer an issue of what CASA is going to do if they get the names and addresses of all those who signed petitions, CASA, who also received the disk, already has the information on all those who signed the petition.

I have heard from dozens of people this last weekend who had two concerns:

“Do I have to worry about someone calling to harass me about signing the petition?”  and
“How do I find out if my name is one of the more than 7,000 that was rejected and why it was rejected?”

It is my opinion that the actions of CASA to date would give petition signers legitimate reason to be concerned about what CASA may do with the lists of names.  We know that CASA has been posting phone numbers to call if you see people out exercising their Constitutional duties per Article 16 of the State Constitution, collection signatures. CASA would then send people out to the location to intimidate and harass people coming to sign as well as those collecting signatures.

Additionally, CASA has engaged in egregious intimidation tactics to dissuade people from signing the petition at public events or on public property.  The worst thing is that the police have been told to comply with CASA's request and banish the petition organizers from public property.  One petition organizer, James Simpson, wrote the following about CASA's harassment in the Examiner:

Almost from the beginning, CASA activists and others have harassed petitioners wherever they set up. Here is a partial list of their tactics:
  • They stand between petitioners and citizens trying to sign petitions and block access to the signing table
  • They plead with signers not to sign
  • They stand around and glower threateningly
  • They scream racist and other obscene epithets in petitioners’ faces
  • One petitioner was reportedly spat at
Saturday, however, took the cake. CASA activists at a number of locations called police on the petitioners, who were legally there collecting signatures. The police threw the petitioners out. As one related:

We were forced to leave Essex MVA (Motor Vehicles) today. A Latina woman stood for a long while watching us and looked angry. Then she got on the phone and shortly after police came and told us to leave immediately. It’s absolutely Orwell's 1984. O’Malley rules this state through corruption and intimidation!

So whose country is this anyway?

Fight back against the subversion of our laws, sovereignty, and civil society by signing the petition.  There are only three days left.  Click here to download the petition.  Print the petition with your pre-filed information; sign your name and mail it to this address:
c/o Delegate Neil Parrott
PO Box 32
Funkstown, MD 21734

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