Tuesday, June 07, 2011

7 Dem Congressmen on Board of Hamas Flotilla Organization

Remember last year's Turkish flotilla incident?  Well, they had such a good time last year that they are seeking a repeat performance later this month.  This time, leftists groups across the country plan to support another blockade running ship to deliver "vital services" to Hamas.  One of the supporters of this terror ship is Progressive Democrats of America.  The following 7 members of Congress, all Democrats, sit on the board of this morally reprehensible organization.

John Conyers
Donna Edwards
Raul Grijalva
Barbara Lee
Jim McGovern
Lynn Woolsey
Dennis Kucinich

Code Pink is another organizer of the flotilla and also sits on the board of PDA.  So, what happened to all of the "pro-Israel Democrats?"  Have you heard any outrage or censure of their 7 colleagues?  One of the members,Donna Edwards, is a Congresswoman from Maryland.  Hey Ben Cardin, do you have anything to say about your fellow congressional delegation member?  Or are you so obsequious to the Democrat party and liberal orthodoxy that you will not even defend your own people against fellow Democrats?

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