Sunday, June 26, 2011

New York Recognizes Gay "Marriage" with Help from Republicans

The universally excepted legal and moral definition of the term "marriage" has been the same for thousands of years.  Marriage is a special relationship that can only be consummated between one man and one woman.  The notion that a marriage can occur between two men is as fatuous as the idea that it can take place between multiple people or between humans and dogs.  It is the most radical perversion of liberalism, yet gay marriage passed the New York state legislature late Friday night with the help of Republicans!

How ironic that here in Maryland, where the Democrats enjoy a 3-1 majority in both houses, gay marriage failed.  But in New York, where Republicans control the Senate, it passed.  Four Republicans supported the measure, enabling it to pass the upper chamber 33-29, despite the GOP majority.  It is truly a tragic day when such radical imprecations to our country's moral founding are propagated by the supposed moral party.

Here are the four Republicans who will bear the shame for eternity.  They need to be defeated at all costs, even at the expense of handing the seats to Democrats.

Mark J. Grisanti
James S. Alesi
Stephen M. Saland
Roy J. McDonald

The most repugnant player of all is Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.  Even though he voted against the bill, Skelos was instrumental in bringing the bill to the floor and enabling it to pass.  As Majority Leader he could have easily blocked the bill from ever reaching the floor.  Worse, Republicans in the Senate agreed to waive the requirement that the bill be available to the public for 72 hours prior to the vote.  I guess they felt gay marriage was such a national emergency that is couldn't wait another two days.

In the same vane, we should also applaud Senator Ruben Diaz, the sole Democrat to vocally and vigorously oppose the bill.

Here's a parting question for you run-of-the-mill, banal Republicans who scoff upon the importance of social issues.  How far does this nation have to degenerate before you stand on principle? 

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