Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dick Durbin Invites Illegal Aliens to Senate Hearing

It's a sad day in America when the "lawmakers" have such disregard for our immigration laws that they openly invite illegals to take part in a Senate hearing.  Yesterday, Senator Dick Durbin invited a bunch of illegals to a Judiciary subcommittee hearing about the so-called Dream Act.  He referred to them as the future of America, suggesting that one of them could be a future president!

While it is clear that there is nothing we can do about the current crop of children from illegal aliens, we must prevent future chain migration by ending birthright citizenship once and for all.  The 14th amendment has been erroneously interpreted to include illegals who are born in the country among our citizens.  The clarification of the law cannot be changed retroactively, but we must do it as expeditiously as possible.  Otherwise we will be stuck with a permanent Democrat majority.  What Dick Durbin really meant to say is that these people are the future of the Democrat Party.

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