Sunday, June 12, 2011

The ACLU Parasites are Focusing on Maryland Petition Drive

It is easy to discern that our petition drive has been a smashing success, as the ACLU is now meddling into our legal right to referendum in Maryland.  At present, over 44,000 signatures have been certified, much of them coming from the online filing at  The ACLU is claiming that online filing is not admissible for a referendum petition.

The problem is that not a single signature was filed online.  The website merely filled out the voter information of the applicant in order to make the information appear legible.  The activist still had to manually sign his name and mail a live copy to the Board of Elections or to a coordinator.  Consequently, it appears that the ACLU is trying to disfranchise voters simply because Delegate Neil Parrott and other petition organizers made it easier for people to access their voter information.

How ironic that an organization which has a penchant to promote more voter registration and easier access to the democratic process, is now attempting to quash civic participation against illegal immigration.  They have once again exposed themselves as a criminal liberties organization, with no regard for civil liberties.  The sad thing is that these affluent lawyers have nothing to lose and will force us to spend money we don't have in order to defend the law.

You can help by donating money to MD Petitions today.  Let's help stop the Criminal Liberties Union from supplanting democracy and promoting the interests of lawbreakers over Maryland voters.

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