Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekly RINO Roundup

 Here is the latest roundup from RINOLand.

- Lindsey Grahamnesty is teaming up with Chuck Schumer for a new round of Amnesty.

- Scott Brown joins Democrats in proposing S. 248- to grant states the right to apply for waivers from portions of Obama Care.   Sound good?  Well, the reason why Democrats support this is because it will obviate the lawsuits against Obama Care by denying the states standing in court to contest this law.

- Dick Lugar tells Tea Party to "get real" over the START Treaty.  Hey Dick, maybe you ought to sit in the next session of the Russian Duma and actually listen to their interpretation of the preamble of the treaty.  Indeed it does affect our missile defense capabilities.  And it was all orchestrated at the expense of our British allies.  Your the one who needs to get real, Lugar.  Maybe when you are tossed from the Senate next year and spend some time with your Indiana constituents, you will be exposed to the reality that you have rejected during your entire career.

-Mark Kirk says he is opened to raising the debt limit.  But fear not; he supports big spending cuts.

- John Boehner supports Obama on Egypt in an interview with Meet The Press.  I'm a bit perturbed that I have to add the Speaker to the list this week.  However, I find it very disconcerting that the Republicans have totally caved to Obama on his support for the overthrow of Mubarak.  Whether it was inevitable or not, it was not in our best interests.  The fact that Obama has not been called out on his hypocrisy over Iran and the impending danger in Jordon as a result of his rejection of our Arab "allies" is really disappointing.

- Congressman Steven Loutorette (R-OH) and the Tuesday Rino Group lunch bunch are planning their own budget that will be a “more equitable approach”.  I guess $61 billion in cuts out of $3.7 trillion in spending is to harsh for them.

- Jon Kyl announced that they would not allow for a government shutdown.  Unfortunately, Paul Ryan echoed those sentiments as well.  Aside for the fact that conservatives argue on the merits of their aversion to a government shutdown, why show your cards before the fight begins?  Even if you are ultimately willing to compromise with Democrats in order to preclude a shutdown, why inform them now and lose your leverage?  Classic Senate Republican strategy!

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