Monday, February 28, 2011

MD-Sen: So Much for Moderate Democrats like Jim Brochin

As Maryland continues to deteriorate into an abyss of social and moral deprivation, it is important to remember those who have enabled this deterioration.  Many pundits were initially skeptical that the Senate would have the audacity to pass gay marriage because they counted on a number of so called moderate Democrats to defect and oppose the capricious measure.  However, these pseudo moderates proved that they have always been radical leftists, and always will be.

Senator Jim Brochin (D-Towson) represents a swing district and has won his seat repeatedly by working assiduously to convince his constituents that he is a conservative Democrat.  Like many Democrats, including President Obama, Brochin always asserted that while he enthusiastically supported civil unions, he had qualms about redefining marriage.  However, as is the case with Obama, we all knew that Brochin really supported gay marriage, but lacked the temerity to openly advocate for its passage.  Instead, he ensconced his support for gay marriage under the guise of equality and the need for civil unions.

Conservatives have known for quite some time that the push for civil unions would be the antecedent to gay marriage.  Senator Brochin knew that as well.  This is why he waited for his ultra left-wing compatriots in the legislator to propose the bill in the Judiciary Committee (where Brochin sits) in order to make his final move.  While his final support for the bill was not surprising to those of us who have followed his career, his explanation was preposterous. 

Brochin asserted that although he used to have issues with redefining marriage, the "appalling" behavior of the opponents of the bill convinced him to support it.

"I'm going to vote for gay marriage because the stumbling block with the word 'marriage' is my stumbling block, and it's my problem.""I'm not going to be part of the vilification of gays on the senate floor,"  "I'm uncomfortable with the word ;marriage; but I am much more uncomfortable with the vilification of gays and homosexuality."
So let's get this straight.  Brochin garnered a deep rooted conviction about the sacredness of marriage for many years, yet he changed that view based upon the behavior of the opponents?  Senator Brochin, stop twisting yourself into a pretzel by disguising your extreme and decrepit liberalism.  Why don't you have the temerity to come out and endorse your real convictions?  Hey, after all, it's Maryland.  You can say or do anything and still get elected as long as you are a Democrat.

Oh, and by the way, will you support the recognition of polygamist marriages?  Aren't they universally vilified as well?

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