Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jon Huntsman's Presidential Bid is Dead on Arrival

As former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman ponders a presidential run following his resignation as ambassador to China, it is important to understand who he is. Here are some of his greatest hits:

Stimulus: "It’s easy to criticize the bill and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to take the money. It’s pretty simple.
I guess in hindsight we can all say that there were some fundamental flaws with it. It probably wasn’t large enough and, number two, there probably wasn’t enough stimulus effect. For example, a payroll tax exemption or maybe even a cut in the corporate tax…for small and medium-sized businesses for three years, for example.
We will take the money ... The size of about a trillion dollars was floated by Mark Zandi, who’s a very respected economist. I tend to believe what he is saying about the size of the package, which didn’t necessarily hit the mark in terms of size." (Interview with Politico, 2/24/09)

Gays: "I’ve always been in favor of greater equality. My first year in office I ran a…reciprocal beneficiary rights piece of legislation. It failed, but my first year in office I wanted to see if we could do more in the name of individual rights. And I’ve always thought that we were a little bit behind in terms of equality for people born under the same constitution." (Interview with Politico, 2/24/09)

Environment: "We’ve drifted a little bit from intellectual honesty in the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt, for example, where they would use rigorous science to back up many of their policies, and in this case many of their environmental policies. Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency. We declared the war on cancer.
A lot of intellectual rigor went into the policies of those days, and we’ve drifted a little bit from taking seriously the importance of science to buttress much of what we’re doing today." (Interview with Politico, 2/24/09)

A pro stimulus, gay marriage, open borders, no growth environmentalist, Obama's point man on capitulation to China for President?  You decide.

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