Tuesday, February 08, 2011

NC-7: Conservative War Hero Ilario Pantano to Run Again

Lt. Ilario Pantano

Among the several war heroes that were elected to the 112th congress, Ilario Pantano was one of the few who came up short.  Lieutenant Pantano was one of the Marines who were egregiously slandered and accused of killing civilians in Haditha, Iraq.  In 2010, he challenged blue dog fraud, Mike McIntyre for his NC-7 congressional seat, but came up surprisingly short.  This Wilmington based congressional district is conservative leaning and is ripe for picking in 2012.  It is heartening to here that Pantano is planning to give it another try.  Here is a quote from an email that Pantano circulated to his supporters:

"Does it seem that the Democratic leadership is ill-prepared for the security or foreign policy challenges of the day? Would you have retreated from Iraq in 2007 like Barack Obama and Mike McIntyre wanted to? Allow me the opportunity to protect you and your families from the wolves at the door. Our borders must be secured, and our enemies must be made sure of our seriousness of purpose. You know that after fighting two wars as a U.S. Marine, I have the scars to prove I mean business." 

We need more war heroes in congress who will focus on American-centered foreign policy and our crisis along the southern border.  Over the next year, we will follow this congressional race closely.

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