Thursday, February 03, 2011

Weekly RINO Roundup

 Recently, I began a weekly roundup of RINO news so we can be vigilant of what we are up against within our own party.  Here is just a sample of some of this week's headlines.

Lisa Murkowski Blasts GOP on Obama Care Repeal- (And this is what we get from Alaska?  I seriously would rather have had the Democrat win than put up with her for another six years.)

Dick Lugar Pushes for "Clean Energy Standard"- (which will destroy jobs, raise prices for vital goods and services on the poor, and slow economic growth)

Lisa Murkowski proposes inter-party bi-partisan lunches to sing kumbaya and extend the SOTU night dating to other venues.

Bill Shuster (R-PA) and John Mica (R-FL) support Obama's runaway rail project. ( When Republican were in the minority they took pride in the fact that every member of the conference opposed the stimulus.  Now, it appears that in the majority, two of the top members of the House Transportation Committee will be supporting Stimulus II.)

Lindsey Graham opposes Balanced Budget Amendment as a bottom line concession for raising the debt limit. (In other words, he only supports bi-partisan compromises, a.k.a. ones that completely sell out to the Dems.)

John McCain calls for Mubarak to step down. ( Well, who exactly should step up?  This is just another example of Republicans circling the wagons around Obama in his effort to duplicate the 79' Iranian Islamist revolution.  Does he have the temerity to call for Obama's resignation in light of his subversion of democracy by being in contempt of court over the health care and oil drilling regulations?)

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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