Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Democrat Support for Repeal of 1099 Provision is Self Indictment

Mitch McConnell plans to offer his health care repeal amendment (S.A. 13) to the FAA authorization bill later this evening.  Every Democrat, including the bald faced liars like Joe Manchin, plan to support a budget point of order to scuttle this amendment.  However, in order to buttress red state Democrats from electoral reprisal,  Debbie Stabenow plans to offer an alternative amendment (S.A. 9) that would only repeal the onerous 1099 filing provision.  Even Chuck Schumer says that most Democrats support this amendment.

Here is a question that needs to be asked by Republicans on the floor of the Senate.  How can you so categorically reject something that you wholeheartedly supported just a year ago?  What has changed now?  It's not like they could claim that circumstances have shown this mandate to be a burden because it hasn't even taken effect yet.  Isn't this a self indictment that they knowingly vote for bills that even according to their ideology would be detrimental to their constituents?  Yet, we are supposed to believe that the rest of the bill was voted on in good faith.  What other nefarious pieces of legislation do they knowingly support for political reasons?

Maybe we ought to take to the streets to demand that they repeal health care.  Hey, if protesters in Egypt can get Obama to support their cause, why can't we?  Or, is he more amenable to the Muslim Brotherhood than the Tea Party?

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