Monday, February 21, 2011

Join Conservative Counter-Protest Tomorrow in Annapolis

Tomorrow, the taxpayer bloodsuckers, a.k.a. the unions, are planning to disperse their minions around the country to protest in state capitols against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.  AFSCME, the organization that steals taxpayer funded money to promote themselves and the Democrats, are planning to rally in Annapolis at 12 noon.

The Maryland Conservative Action Network is organizing a counter-rally at 11:30 AM in Lawyer's Mall.  Potomac Tea Party Report has all of the details.  I know that all you conservatives actually work for a living and will not be paid to go like the union astroturfers.  But if you're available, come with your friends, family, and signs to stand in solidarity with Governor Walker and the taxpayers.  This is not just about Wisconsin, it is about the leeches on society who have attenuated the political and democratic institutions of every state.

Let's remind these bottom feeders:  Stop Leeching, Start Teaching!

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