Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly RINO Roundup

- Dick Lugar announced his opposition to H.R. 1-the GOP spending bill for the rest of the fiscal year.  He is really begging to be dethroned.  Let's accede his request.

- Scott Brown continues to show that he is indeed occupying "the Ted Kennedy seat".  He expressed his dismay with the budget cuts to the Home Energy Assistance Program.  Hwy Scott, maybe if you'd stop empowering Democrats we wouldn't need energy assistance programs because we would have an ample supply of our own energy sources.

- Lindsey Grahamnesty is planning to revive the 'Gang of 10' talks with progressives to push for a "Clean Energy Standard".  This would amount to a cap and trade bill that would limit our energy production and mandate the use of impotent and inefficacious energy sources.  I guess they will not rest until gas prices are at $10 a gallon.

-95 House Republicans join every Democrat in supporting a clandestine suspension bill to promote veterinary health coverage.  The bill past 280-138.  As a suspension bill, we only needed 146 of the 242 Republicans to oppose the bill.  Yet, astoundingly, 95 Republicans supported this minor, yet gratuitous gesture towards ObamaCare.  For what purpose did we win back the House again? [full report here]

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