Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baltimore Delegate Jill Carter Hasn't Paid Water Bill since 2009

Only in a political oligarchy like Maryland can deadbeat politicians like Jill Carter get reelected time and again.  This public parasite who votes incessantly to raise taxes on us, hasn't paid her home water bills since 2009!  Here is the scoop from Laura Vozzella of the Sun:

The city's Bureau of Treasury Management put out a long list last week of properties with delinquent taxes and municipal liens, which are scheduled to be sold in a sealed-bid tax sale on May 17. Among the properties is Carter's Glen Allen Drive home, which is assessed at $283,392 and has a lien on it for $920.61.

The money is not owed for property taxes on the Hunting Ridge home, which Carter said she pays through her mortgage payment. It's for water.
Is there no floor to the degree of bottom feeders that populate Annapolis?

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