Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Rally in Annapolis Tomorrow Against Gas Tax

Only people as contemptible as Maryland Democrats can propose an increase in the state gas tax while oil prices are so high.  Yes, the same people who are orchestrating a wind tax on our electric bill to earmark funds for their corporate cronies; the very same crooks who are planning to tax our beverages and liquor.  And yes, the very same repugnant lawmaking lawbreakers who are plotting to steal our tax money and expend it for illegal aliens.

Members of the state legislature need to here from us now.  Unfortunately, there is a well oiled lobby machine advocating for the passage of the gas tax.  They claim that the funds are needed to repair potholes in the roads.  The reality is that there never was a transportation slush fund.  The Democrats placed that money into the general fund and spent it on their special interest handouts and social programs in order to get reelected.  We need to demand that they stop purloining the transportation slush fund and use it for its original purpose.

Join Americans for Prosperity at a rally in Lawyer's Mall, Annapolis at noon tomorrow Wednesday March 9th

Tell O'Malley and the leftists in the legislature to halt their assault on Maryland taxpayers.

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