Friday, March 25, 2011

MD-Senate: Action Alert on Wine Shipments

Among Maryland's plethora of nanny-state laws and restrictive regulations, is a law that bans the purchase of wine beyond state lines.  Currently, if you want to purchase wine from a distributor out of state, you would have to pick it up in person.  Senator J.B. Jennings (R-Baltimore County) has brought a bill (SB 248) to the Senate floor that would change this restriction:

Repealing provisions that provide for a direct wine seller's permit; establishing a direct wine shipper's permit to be issued by the Office of the Comptroller; requiring a person to hold a permit before the person or the person's agent may engage in shipping wine directly to a personal consumer in the State; requiring an applicant to meet specified qualifications for a permit; requiring a direct wine shipper to perform specified actions; etc.

The bill might come up for a vote today.  Unfortunately, Democrats might also push for a vote on their 3% increase in the alcohol tax within Maryland.  That's right.  They overtax local wine purchases and ban interstate wine purchases.  Either way you lose!

Call your state Senator and ask them to support SB 248.  Also, voice your firm opposition to the 3% increase in taxes on alcoholic drinks.


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