Thursday, March 10, 2011

MD-Senate: The Assault on our Freedom Continues

Another day; another assault on our freedoms (and wallets) in Maryland.  Yesterday, the state House focused on granting criminals more liberty by easing the parole process for violent criminals.  At the same time, a Senate committee was proposing legislation to levy a 5 cent tax on plastic and paper bags.  Here is the scoop from WBAL:

The proposed Senate Bill 602 will require stores to charge customers 5 cents for the use of plastic and paper bags. Lawmakers said if the measure passes, Maryland would become the first state to adopt a disposable bag fee...

Lawmakers said a portion of the revenue would go to the Chesapeake Bay Trust and other state environmental projects.

Environmentalist Halle Vandergaag testified in support of the bill, saying that the flimsy plastic bags are major sources of pollution, as well as a public health concern.

“When plastic bags get into the water, they break down," he said. "And as you can imagine, they're made from petroleum, so there's a chemical product that actually breaks down and makes its way into our drinking water and into our fish, crabs and oysters.”

Aside for the assault on the consumer, this bill would slap a fine on all stores who fail to comply with this draconian legislation.

Sometimes you have to wonder if we are living in Sodom or Gomorah.  Upon reflection of some of the proposed and enacted legislation this session, we are simply jarred by the moral and intellectual dyslexia of Maryland Democrats.  During a recession they propose a bag tax, liquor tax, beverage tax, special interest wind tax on electric bills, minimum wage hike, and in-state tuition for illegal aliens.  They also propose draconian restrictions on driving and on lawn services.  To top it off, they assail the sacred institution of marriage.

Maryland leftists embody everything that is immoral and perverse about liberalism.  They infringe on our liberties, grant liberties to criminals, distort our free markets, subsidize poverty and punish success, and spit on our values.  They are truly despicable.

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