Tuesday, March 08, 2011

MD-House Gives O'Malley Cover to Set Murderers Free

Well, it's not only fiscal and social issues that are under assault by Maryland Democrats.  They are also ensuring that criminals serving life sentences can get out of jail easier.  Every year, the Democrat controlled legislature passes some reprehensible criminal oriented bill.  This one is simply appalling. 

Earlier today, the House of Delegates passed HB 302 by a74-66 margin.  Under current law, only the Governor can grant the final approval for parole for those serving life sentences after their release is recommended by the Parole Commission.  This bill would grant the Governor 90 days to disapprove of the Commission's decision.  If he fails to act within that time-frame, the criminal is automatically set free!  Keep in mind that anyone who is serving a life sentence in the criminal friendly state of Maryland must really deserve it.  This bill will make it easier for them to obtain parole.

However, there is a more important and insidious aspect to this bill.  Under current law, the Governor has to officially sign off on the parole grant in order for the criminal to be released.  This places the Governor under public scrutiny and forces him to be judicious in his critical decision.  Many Governors have lost credibility and even their future political aspirations from overzealous parole grants.  This new bill will allow the Governor to silently and passively allow the parole to be awarded simply by abstaining from taking action.  Unfortunately, this law will lead to a slew of parole grants for violent criminals by shifting the accountability away from O'Malley.

Marylanders must prepare for the onslaught of violence from released criminals.  Republican House Minority Leader Tony O'Donnell listed a number of violent criminals who currently await O'Malley's action (or inaction) regarding their parole.  He also reiterated the obvious fact that paroled inmates have a staggeringly high rate of recidivism.  Sadly, we cannot protect ourselves with firearms because Maryland violates the constitution by denying us the right to carry.  These leftists really thin of everything!

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