Monday, April 25, 2011

Vile Hate Crime in Baltimore McDonalds, Silence from Local Media

Drudge has posted a disturbing video of two black women violently beating and torturing a white woman in a Baltimore McDonalds.  Unfortunately, Drudge is the only site that has widely disseminated this shocking crime.  In the video, you can see several male employees (also black) sitting idly and enabling the beating to continue.  Eventually, the woman suffered a seizure as a result of the beating until the assailants finally fled the scene.

Obviously, there are subhuman people in this world who commit unspeakable atrocities on a daily basis.  However, there is certain behavior that is endemic of areas such as Baltimore's inner city that require attention.  Due to the one-party oligarchy of the city and state, criminals are able to commit atrocities with no fear of reprisal.  Worse yet, there is such a racist bias in the city of Baltimore that the criminal justice system turns a blind eye to crimes committed by certain races.  In turn, it has created a climate in which people in those neighborhoods will cheer on violent beatings and even facilitate them.

The astounding thing is that as this story becomes a national headline, the local media has yet to report on the dastardly act.  That is correct.  Even the local paper of record, the Baltimore Sun, refused to report on a national story that has occurred locally until Drudge and other national conservatives forced them.  Anyone care to guess why?


Jerome said...

We here in the Baltimore area know what needs to be done with the plague that has systematically destroyed the entire region since the early days of the so-called civil rights movement. It's only a matter of time before the decent people take the matter into their own hands. The police depts.,school administrations and various corrupt and racist local government officials are part of the problem and can not be trusted.

Daniel Horowitz said...

We see it every day from the bus beatings to the muggings. There is simply no deterrent. The bottmo line is that we cannot run a society where one race is treated differently. It was wrong when there was maltreatment of blacks in the earlier part of the century and it is wrong when it is practiced towards whites in this day and age. There needs to be a severe crackdown on juvenile crimes in Baltimore and race simply cannot play a role. That is exactly what Dr. King dreamed of and longed for.

ken said...

It's a shame I couldn't have been at the McDonald's. I promise you the outcome would have been different.

ken said...

It's a shame I couldn't have been at the McDonald's. I promise you the outcome would have been different.

dchandguninfo said...

Sadly, Maryland does not even have a right to keep and bear arms in its State Constitution, as do Virginia and Pennsylvania! Pro-gun forces in Maryland have fought in vain for decades against the forces of civilian disarmament a/k/a progressives. This makes Maryland a much more dangerous place (more crime) than Virginia, which has "shall-issue" concealed carry. Shall-issue means the state has to issue a permit if you're not a prohibited person (adjudicated mentally deficient, drug addict, felon, etc.). Also pro-gun forces in Maryland seem to work at cross-purposes and NOT with a unified voice. They should use the Virginia Citizens Defense League model: laser-like focus, excluding all other considerations except (1) educating citizens on the usefulness of shall-issue concealed carry, and (2) THEN promoting legislation to get it passed. I don't mean to make it political, but it **IS** political: Maryland is a hardcore Democratic state, and most Dems outside the South and Midwest fight against your right to self-defense. Evidence? -- and --

Good luck!