Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Only the Dead Wood Ceases to Function in Gov't Shutdown

There is a popular misconception promulgated by the media that a government shutdown would lead to an apocalyptic cessation of the vital functions of our country.  This is a fallacious and insidious attempt to intimidate Republicans into capitulating to Democrats' big government budget demands.  The reality is that all vital functions of government will still function.  It is actually only the impotent and unconstitutional agencies that will shut down, and frankly, many of them should do so permanently.  Here is a great list compiled by the Wall Street Journal of vital functions that will stay open during the impending shutdown:

SOCIAL SECURITY: As an entitlement program funded through payroll taxes rather than annual spending bills, Social Security is likely to keep sending out checks, most analysts and government officials believe. But the White House has warned that a shutdown could affect new applicants.
MILITARY OPERATIONS: All uniformed military personnel would likely be exempted from a shutdown. Operations in Afghanistan would continue. Current law gives the Pentagon authority to incur expenses for wartime operations and to sign new contracts for certain needs.

POSTAL SERVICE: The U.S. Postal Service would see no interruption in service or shutdown of post offices, since it’s funded by customer payments.

AIR TRAFFIC: Air-traffic control continued without interruption in the prior shutdown. Transportation officials would not disclose contingency plans for a future shutdown. Passenger and baggage screening by the Transportation Security Administration would continue in a shutdown, an official said.

BORDER SECURITY: Border security is also listed in government documents as an exempted activity.

VISAS and PASSPORTS: Applications for U.S. passports and for visas to enter the U.S. went unprocessed in the 1995 shutdown, to the frustration of travelers, airlines and travel agents.

NATIONAL PARKS: These were closed during the 1995 shutdown, along with national monuments and museums.

FEDERAL RESERVE: The Federal Reserve, which does not rely on appropriations, would remain open with normal staffing.

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