Friday, April 22, 2011

Petition Drive: A Maryland Call to Action

You can help stop the illegal handouts to illegal aliens.

During the closing hours of the Maryland legislative session, the lawmakers became lawless and decided to grant in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens (SB 167). Throughout the session, we were forced to sit back helplessly while the one-party oligarchy waged an inexorable war on Maryland taxpayers and consumers. Now is our chance to strike back and let the people be heard.

Thanks to the assiduous work of Washington County Delegate Neil Parrott and others, there is a well organized effort to place the in-state tuition bill on the ballot as a referendum in 2012. They are organizing a petition drive to round up the requisite number of signatures in order to force the referendum. At this point, we are required to garner 19,000 signatures by May 31 and 54,000 by June 30.   However, we will need many more to overcome the invariable legal challenges that will disqualify some of the signatures.

Every Maryland voter can participate. This is your chance to strike back at the lawless leftists in Annapolis and retake our state from the illegal alien mafia.

Delegate Parrott has set up a website which provides all of the pertinent information for circulating the petition. You can go here to download and print a copy of the petition.

Please make sure to follow all of the critical directions. We will need to get a lot more than 19,000 votes because a large percentage of the signatures will be disqualified. The illegal alien lobby is surprisingly well connected and well funded. They will pour over every signature and attempt to have it disqualified.

Therefore, we must act now to gather as many signatures from our friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Make sure that they are registered to vote and that they sign their name and address that matches precisely to what is written on their voter registration card.   Also, make sure that every co-signer is from the same county.  All of the signatures on a given petition must be from the same jurisdiction.  You may circulate a petition for multiple jurisdictions, but you would need to start a new and separate document for each one.

This is our first opportunity to truly affect change in Maryland. While you only have one vote in November, you have the power to garner hundreds, if not thousands, of signatures for the petition. Don't shy away from asking acquaintances who are Democrats. This issue is a slam dunk and resonates even with liberals.  Illegal aliens are already costing the state $1.7 billion annually-more than the total sum of the projected budget deficit.

Please help take back our state and become a true community leader.

Download the petition now and show the criminal politicians who is truly in charge!

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