Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Paul Ryan's Budget

Last night, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan announced his momentous budget plan for 2012 and beyond in a WSJ op-ed.  There is a lot to like about the budget plan, including some excellent ideas for Medicaid and Welfare.  There are some other things that need a bit of tweaking. 

In addition, the battle over the current fiscal year's budget is continuing as a government shutdown looks for Friday.  To that end, House Republicans have introduced another short-term CR to fund the government until April 15.  This budget resolution has two major differences from its predecessors.  It exclusively funds the Defense Department until September, thereby precluding any adverse effects of a government shutdown upon our troops.  Also, it cuts an additional $12 billion in discretionary spending for the next week; a more significant cut than the previous two short-term CR's.

Things are moving rapidly on both fronts so we will provide a more detailed analysis as the information become available.

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