Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Notes and Musings from the SOTU Show

-Energy- Obama calls for the elimination of subsidies for energy that works, while asking for more subsidies for energy sources that don't work.  I'm all for eliminating subsidies for everyone, including oil producers.  But this is just pure perversion. He says he can't predict which energies will lead the future (except that he will ensure that it won't be oil), yet he wants to subsidize wind, solar, and corn.  Then again, Obama and the libs have always intended on grinding our energy production to a halt.

- Trade-Obama takes credit for trade agreements that Bush had proposed long ago, but Democrats and Obama (until recently) stiffed.

- Health Care-Obama admitted that the 1099 filing provision of his Health Care bill was a disaster.  So why did he sign it?  What other burdens to businesses did he willingly sign into law?

- Spending-How can we freeze discretionary spending, yet add all his new porkulous, subsidies, and handouts disguised as tax cuts without adding to the deficit?  He also said that he wants to redouble his efforts from the first stimulus.  Well, 1 trillion*2=?  Then again, he probably doesn't regard that as discretionary spending.

- Tort Reform- There is no doubt that he would never sign any pure bill that has consequential effects on his trial lawyer friends.  A. The Democrats rely on it. B. This would cut health care costs and would therefore, undercut his plans for single payer.  This was just a shout out to the media so they can shower him with accolades about his move to the center.  The same holds true for his promise on corporate tax reform.  Although, he can always say that he only agreed to tax cuts if it doesn't add to the deficit.  And of course, he believes that all tax cuts add to the deficit, while no spending initiatives will increase it.  Also, he offered absolutely no specifics on tax reform.

-Regulatory reform- Well, that was already proven to be smoke and mirrors by everyone from the WSJ to the Heritage Foundation.

- Social Security- Obama ruled out private accounts and cutting benefits, so what does that leave us with except tax increases?

-The much hyped Sputnik reference- Daniel Foster of NRO has a great observation on this:

A sharp operator on the Hill points out to me that the total cost of the Apollo program — America’s long-form response to Sputnik — was $25 billion, or $113 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars. Also known as one seventh of the stimulus bill.
Don’t like that? Okay, how about this: the entire NASA budget from 1958 to 1970 was about $38.5 billion, or about $150 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars.
Also, what nerve for the man who is ostensibly killing the space program to use that as a metaphor for innovative investments!

-Undocumented Workers- I guess that was one of the few gifts that the lame duck rinos didn't grant the President and certainly won't for the remainder of his term.  He had to give a shout out to them so they won't stay home in 2012.

- TSA Pat downs- So he makes fun out of an egregious practice that his administration is vigorously implementing and defending.

-Foreign Policy- Ideology aside, his foreign policy  report was pathetic.  Pander, Pander Pander. All is fine on the Iranian front.  All is fine with North Korea thanks to Obama!   He took credit for Democratic revolutions in Africa in which he is still doing nothing substantial to facilitate.  He once again pimps Bush's courageous success in Iraq as if it's his own.  Even though, he did everything in his capacity to undermine that success, and in fact, was partially propelled to victory based on his stance against the surge. Nauseating!

 No Mention of Israel- This is unprecedented for recent Presidents.  It is a big loser for him, so his omission is not too puzzling.  He makes no mention of Hizbullah's takeover of Lebanon with the support of Syria, the nation that he is now pandering to.  No mention of war on terror, the only reference to Muslims is, "American Muslims are a part of our American family".  He didn't even mention the word terror at all.

As American GI's get slaughtered every day due to the egregious rules of engagement and lack of a strategic plan, Obama offered no plan to change improve this travesty.  In fact, he failed to acknowledge that there is a problem.  He also failed to acknowledge that there is a serious problem with Pakistan. He also totally whitewashed START.

DADT- He challenges colleges to allow ROTC back on their campuses because of the repeal.  Does that mean that he believes that violation of law was justified before the repeal?

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