Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ND Senate: Another Golden Conservative Opportunity

Last week, we stressed the importance of electing a Jim DeMint conservative to a vacant red state Senate seat in Texas.  The same applies in North Dakota after today's announcement by Kent Conrad that he will not seek reelection.  As with the Texas GOP primary, it is important that we identify the true conservative within the next month or so.  We must remember that the primaries occur much earlier during presidential elections.  This will preclude a chaotic primary in which the conservative vote could potentially be split, while handing the seat to a RINO.  It will also ensure that the GOP won't coronate an establishment candidate just because he has the most name recognition.  Keep in mind that there is no excuse for the "he can't win the general election" argument in a state like North Dakota, especially considering the thin Democrat farm team.

We will be providing comprehensive updates on both the Texas and North Dakota GOP primaries in order to identify and promote the authentic conservative.

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