Thursday, January 20, 2011

MD-Senate: Alan Kittleman Was Right to Resign as Minority Leader

Last week, we reported on state Sen. Allan Kittleman's civil unions bill and called upon him to resign from leadership.  We are happy to hear that he has acknowledged that his social liberalism is unbecoming of a Republican leader and voluntarily resigned his leadership post.  It is one thing to have divergent views within the party; it is another thing to have the leader of the Republicans push for priority legislation of the other side even before they do.

As we look to find a new minority leader, we must consider who would cogently fight for conservatism and have media savvy to expose the egregious policies of the far left to the public.  Surprisingly, state GOP Chairman Alex Mooney is calling upon Kittleman to reconsider his decision to step down.  I guess he is concerned that there is nobody else who could fill the vacuum.  After all, his likely successor would be minority whip David Brinkly, who is not exactly a stalwart conservative.  However, this is not an excuse for bringing back a RINO to a leadership position.

I will reiterate what I have said before regarding Maryland politics.  If we lack the temerity to fight for conservatism with the few remaining elected officials that we have, then what is the point of serving in the General Assembly.  There is already a robust socialist, pro illegal, morally decrepit party in the state.  Who needs a second one?  I constantly hear people advocate ad nauseum that we must moderate our views so that we can cooperate with the ruling Democrats.  But if that is the objective, then why not just go home and let the Democrats carry out their business alone?

My personal choice for minority leader would be Nancy Jacobs.  Or better yet, how about freshmen Chris Shank or J.B. Jennings.  Hey, it's better to have a freshman leader of the opposition party than an Orwellian provocateur of the ruling party to lead the opposition party.

As an aside, here are two parting questions to ponder in relation to the Kittleman incident.

1. If proactively advocating the social policies of the Democrats is considered "socially moderate"(as suggested by Mr. Kittleman) than what is a social liberal? 

2. How many social "moderates" do you know that are rock ribbed fiscal conservatives?

Folks, we need a voice, not an echo.  So who will be that voice?

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