Saturday, January 22, 2011

MD-Senate: It's Minority Leader Nancy Jacobs!

The Maryland Republican Senate Caucus met yesterday to elect a new Minority Leader following the resignation of RINO Alan Kittleman.  Most people expected fellow RINO, Minority Whip David Brinkley to become the next leader.  Several days ago, we advocated that Nancy Jacobs (R-Harford, Cecil Counties) would be best suited for the job as she has been a staunch fighter for all conservative causes, including social conservatism.  I certainly didn't expect it to happen, but Senator Jacobs was elected Minority Leader.  In further good news, Brinckly will no longer be Whip either, as he was replaced with E.J. Pipkin.  Senator Pipkin is not as stellar as Jacobs, but he is better suited for the job than Brinkley.

Here is the report from the Sun:

Maryland Senate Republicans chose Sen. Nancy Jacobs as minority leader on Friday — just weeks after voting her out of the minority whip position.

The GOP caucus elected Sen. E.J. Pipkin as the new minority whip. The leadership elections followed the resignation of Minority Leader Allan H. Kittleman over his plans to introduce legislation to legalize same-sex civil unions in Maryland.

Jacobs, who represents Harford and Cecil counties, said the Senate Republicans' main goal this year will be to "protect constituents who are hurting financially in these tough economic times."

She said she would continue to fight against new taxes and to make the state more hospitable to private businesses. The Senate's only female Republican, Jacobs appears to be the first woman to lead the Senate minority caucus.

Maryland Republicans will now enter a new chapter with staunch conservatives Alex Mooney and Nancy Jacobs in top leadership posts.  Since Ehrlich's epic defeat, we have shown that even in Maryland, we will succeed or fail with limpid conservatism.  It is often instructive to gauge the success of Republicans by the visceral response that they solicit from Democrats.  The Maryland Democrat Party put out a statement lashing out at the new Republican leader and lamenting the fact that Mike Miller's poodle, David Brinkley, wasn't selected:

"If Alex Mooney and Nancy Jacobs are harbingers of things to come, it is clear that the Maryland GOP has failed to learn the lesson of November. Maryland is not a sanctuary for tea-partiers or hard-right purists. In abandoning a moderate bipartisan path the Maryland Republican Party may find itself one more hard-right turn from the political wilderness and permanent repudiation."

Hey, what are you guys afraid of?  If the Republicans are marginalizing themselves, it will translate into more votes for Democrats.  Or, will it?

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