Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Primary Roundup: Big Day for Conservatives

Every major election race from last night turned out to be a major victory for conservatives. Here is the roundup:

Michigan: District 7- The biggest victory was the unseating of liberal RINO congressman Joe Schwarz by conservative challenger Tim Walberg 53%-47%. Schwarz, a one term congressman, has been an ultra liberal who supported abortion, high taxes, open borders, and is against domestic drilling. Schwarz was one of the House liberals that killed ANWR drilling several months ago. Walberg on the other hand, is a solid red meat conservative who was strongly supported by the great conservative activist group Club For Growth. This is after Schwarz was helped by John MCain and President Bush! This is another stellar victory for Pat Tommey and the Club and will be a net gain for conservatives because this is a solid Republican district that will be easily won in November. Walberg will become one of the best members of the House by advocating not just the typical Republican positions but also absolute border security, no birthright citizenship, property rights, ending pork spending, and everything else that concerns American conservatives. This should serve as a model for all liberal Republican incumbents!

In other Michigan news, Conservative Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R) successfully turned back an energetic primary challenge from liberal Oakland School Board Member Pan Godchaux by a 2-to-1 margin. In the Senatorial primary Rick Bouchard defeated Keith Butler by a wide margin. I felt that Butler was more conservative, but he was never really expected to win. Bouchard should receive a big bump in the polls and will have a good shot at defeating incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow. The fact that Gubonatorial challenger Dick Devos is running ahead of Gov. Jennifer Granholm will help Bouchard immensely in his Senate race.

Colorado CD-5: In another great victory for the Club For Growth, conservative candidate Doug Lamborn won the Republican primary against his less conservative challengers for this open seat. This is also a net gain for conservatives. While Congressmen Hefley, who is retiring this year has been pretty conservative, it is clear that Lamborn will follow in the footsteps of fellow Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Georgia CD-4: It is great news for everyone that Hank Johnson soundly defeated incumbent Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney in the Democrat primary. McKinney has been one of the most radical, anti American members of the House who happens to be a black supremacist and an anti Semite.

CT Senate: Lamont Defeats Lieberman 51-48%. This is great news for conservatives in my opinion. First, it exposes the truthful face of the Democrat party for the Stalinist, anti American entity that it is. If a former VP candidate who is a far leftist, and has scored a perfect 0 ACU liberal score for two years has no place in their party then who does? Many Americans will be asking this question subconsciously. Also, this will force many Jewish Democrats to reflect upon their unconscionable support for the sewer party and how they are able to remain in a party in which anti Semites like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all of the nutroots are the most prominent players. Furthermore, since Lieberman plans to run as an Independent and has a good chance of winning, that will result in one less Democratic Senator in a solidly blue state. Hopefully, if he wins in November he will wake up to reality and become at least slightly more moderate. It will also be enjoyable for conservatives to sit back and watch the unprecedented wedge that will be created in the party. Who will support Lieberman and who will be forced to oppose him? This will place the Democrats in a very rough position. For now, lets sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch the circus. John Hawkins has a great analysis of the CT situation.
Update: Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, and Harry Reid wasted no time in offering full support for Lamont. Even worse, his fellow Senator from CT, Chris Dodd is trying to convince him to quit.

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