Thursday, August 10, 2006

Israel Fights for her Survival

(Note: this post will be updated throughtout the day with breaking news)
Updated: Friday August 11th

- An Italian left wing activist is stabbed to death by Arab terrorist in Jerusalem's old city
- 2 Israeli Arabs, a mother and child killed by Katysha rocket several more wounded, over 160 rockets fired causing more heavy damage
- Olmert delays major ground invasion to "give diplomacy a chance"
- Major fighting in the eastern sector, casualties reported in Marjouyon, 2KIA, at least 16 injured, 9 severely

- Iranian Guard soldiers found amongst the Hizbollah dead

Friday 11:20 AM EST: The rockets are still as intense as ever. 45 people were treated for varying injuries. Kiryat Shemona was hit hard again with widespread destruction. Also, another Fagir- 5 long range missile struck Haifa today. Yet, despite the continued destruction Olmert is begging the UN to send in troops so he can retreat and get back to more important things like deporting Jews from Samaria and giving their land to terrorists. In fact, Olmert has enough troops to spare to destroy a Jewish home in Samaria yesterday, claiming that it was illegaly built!! Imagine expelling your own citizens during a time of war to give their land to the very enemy that is currently killing you??!! Meanwhile, some Likud MK's are finally coming out of hiding to criticise Olmert's surrender plan. Lets hope that they back up their words with action.

2:05 PM EST: We reported earlier that 8 more soldiers were wounded in battles in the east. Well, they are now publishing confirmed reports of 1 KIA and two severely wounded in today's fighting. Update: The tourist that was stabbed by an Arab terrorist has died from his wounds. He was an Italian citizen.

A tourist has been stabbed by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem's old city. The victim is reported to be in moderate condition and the attacker has not been found. This is one more reason why these A rabs must be deported.

10:55 AM: Major rocket barrage is under way in the north. Over 40 rockets fired this past hour. there are casualties reported in the Haifa suburbs. There have been widespread fires across the north. They estimate that over 750,000 trees have been burnt. I doubt that we will hear any protest from the environmental wackos.

There are battles raging throughout the eastern sector without enough firepower and soldiers. At least 8 more soldiers were injured in Marjayoun, Alhayam, and other villages, 7 more terrorists were killed. So the IDF continues to drift aimlessly in and around southern Lebanon, worrying about civilians that aren't even there, and fighting 18th century battles while the bulk of their forces are stuck on the other side of the border while Olmert plays footsies with the leftists of the world.

8:00 AM EST: Rockets continue to pummel the north with close to 100 of them landing throughout the Galilee. Several more homes were destroyed and there are out of control fires raging in the Golan Heights. Meanwhile, Olmert has halted the ground invasion for a few days to" give diplomacy a chance"!!! This is while they are fighting for their lives in northern Israel! Now they are leaving only 10,000 troops in Lebanon in the middle of urban settings without a clearly defined mission. There already unconfirmed reports of some more casualties in Marjayoun. Even worse, Olmert said that if there is a major attack then he will continue the operation! What in the world is going on right now?! 150-200 rockets are landing every day, killing and maiming civilians, and destroying hundreds of houses. Disastrous!

In other news, about 480 Hizbollah were killed so far. There are new reports of Iranian bodies being discovered amongst the Hizbollah dead. This is certainly no surprise, as we have been reporting on this since the first clashes of the war.

Column Update: Here is the latest Victor Davis Hanson piece. Also, the National Review has a report on the devastation of the rockets that are packed with ball bearings.

6:40 AM EST: Over 60 rockets were fired today throughout the north. One rocket scored a direct hit on a home in the village of Dir el-Asad, near Karmiel, killing a baby and a woman. The infant was initially critically injured, but later died of his wounds. Two more people were wounded, one seriously and one lightly, while 38 others were treated for shock. The 4 year old brother of the dead baby was in serious condition. Rockets also struck Nahariya, Safed, the Golan Heights, and the Haifa Bay area. Sirens were also heard in Ramot, Tiberias, Acre, Ma'alot, and Shefayim. No rocket hits have yet been reported.

On the ground in Lebanon, overnight Wednesday IDF troops moved into Marjayoun and Alhayam, two Lebanese villages in the eastern sector north of Metulla where they took up positions inside the towns said to be Hizbullah hideouts. There were some heavy gun battles. Keep in mind that these villages are right on Israel's border.

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