Monday, August 14, 2006

Israel Surrenders to Hezbullah

By now everyone has heard about Israel's terrible retreat from Lebanon for the second time in six years. Shlomo Wollins at has an excellent commentary on the pro terrorist cease fire. I will not elaborate on his words:

"The modern state of Israel has made a series of security blunders of enormous magnitude over the last two decades that have in large part resulted in the current nightmare in Northern Israel. Israel has initiated and pursued sophomoric & dangerous policy decisions that have created the ideal operating theatre for its genocidal enemies, both in terms of the military and political environment. Israel foolishly brought this war upon itself, fought a fool's war, and is now making a fool's peace. Make no mistake - this U.N. Resolution will neither bring peace or security to this region - but it will bring regional war within two to three years on the outside.
Our website is currently packed with expert opinions from all perspectives decrying this U.N. Resolution as nothing less than an unmitigated disaster (Caroline Glick). We concur - however what is truly perilous going forward is that the cease-fire agreement is a clear and definitive victory for Hizbullah on all counts. Anyone who lives in Israel will attest to the national obsession with peace as defined by quiet. Most certainly, Israelis just bought themselves a few months of peace and quiet at the future cost of a combined jihadist war against the state that will be unprecedented in force, ferocity, and peril. All I can do is repeat what we have been stating for the last 18 months on this website and in numerous media interviews - the modern state of Israel is in existential danger and not likely to survive the current decade as a sovereign state. Most regretably, every aspect of the Israeli reaction to this unparalleled terror attack from the North serves to reinforce our opinion.The U.N. Resolution provides Israel with virtually none of its survival requirements:
(1) Hizbullah will not be disarmed of its missile arsenal. This can only be achieved by the Israeli army at great cost of life and with the proper motivation. The idea that a international and/or Lebanese force will disarm Hizbullah has a probability of zero (Newt Gingrich).
(2) Iran and Syria will not be sanctioned or even recognized for their funding, arming and orchestration of the attacks on Israel. Hizbullah is simply a forward army of Iran via Syria. Despite Iran violating the U.N. charter daily by threatening a member state with destruction (Israel) and Syria providing the military lifeline for Hizbullah, neither are held accountable for their complicity in this unilaterally-initiated terror war.
(3) The UN peacekeeper forces are a laughing stock from any military standpoint and clearly pro-Hizbullah from a motivational standpoint. Note that 2,000 UNIFIL troops have been stationed in southern Lebanon for the last 5 years and have not lifted a finger to prevent the installation of thousands of Katyusha rockets aimed at Israel. In fact, it appears that UNIFIL withheld video evidence in its possession (after denying the existence of the video) of the kidnapping of Israelis soldiers near the Lebanon border after the Israeli pull-out.
(4) After a total withdrawal from southern Lebanon and a UN acceptance of the international border between Israel and Lebanon, the Hizbullah propaganda machine generated a fiction of the Shebaa Farms being disputed territory. In a remarkable and perilous appeasement, this strategic region adjacent to Mt. Hermon has been placed into dispute with Kofi Annan (U.N. chief and virulent anti-semite) required to render a ruling on the area within 30 days.
(5) Nisrallah and Hizbullah will remain in the Lebanese Cabinet and retain its political power within Lebanon, and will be afforded the time and opportunity to re-arm its missile arsenal under the less-than-watchful eye of the European and Arab peace-keeper forces.
(6) Remember our two soldiers who were violently kidnapped and have been held hostage for one month? Remember what started this war? The UN Resolution provides no concrete mechanism, timetable, or process for the release and return of the kidnapped IDF hostages. An agreement which will erode Israeli army morale even further and bring national deterrance down to uncharted territory.
One of the sagely pundits of Israeli politics, Prof. Paul Eidelberg, recently stated that if Israel doesn't win this war - it may be the last. Well, we lost - and it maybe the last. As Shai Ben-Tekoa has remarked: every one of these missiles is a war crime in that its intention is to kill and wound innocent civilians. And what is the Israeli reaction to 3,700 war crimes in one month and over 150 dead? A national desire for quiet. Yes, the concept of a total and morally-justified military victory is as foreign to the Israeli ideology in these times as is a day without terrorism.
Let me share a secret with you: there is only one solution to terrorism - overwhelming, unremitting, and disproportional military force. It worked in World War II and it would work today - but between America's nation-building and Israel's peace-making - no one has been willing to do it the old-fashioned and tried way. As General George Patton said: War is not about dying for your country, but about making the other bastard die for his.
But don't tell that to the unholy trinity of Olmert/Peretz/Peres - they are too busy planning the next eviction of 100,000 Jews from their homes in central Israel. Who will care about Hizbullah when the local terrorists can shoot missiles from the highlands within 10 kilometers of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion Airport? Israel is driving 100 mph off the cliff - at some point, even a change of direction will be too little, too late."

Also, be sure to read Caroline Glick's latest column titled, "Olmert Must Go". Here is an excript:
"Diplomatically, in the space of five weeks the government managed to undermine Israel's alliance with America; to hand Syria, Hizbullah and Iran the greatest diplomatic achievements they have ever experienced; and to flush down the toilet the unprecedented international support that US President Bush handed to Israel on a silver platter at the G-8 summit."

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