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Exclusive Comprehensive Coverage of Israel Under Siege

(Note: this post will be continuously updated with breaking news and commentary)
Updated: Friday, August 4
- Three Israelis killed in latest rocket attacks, 100 injured some seriously, 2 killed and 42 injured near Carmiel alone, more than 220 rockets fired
- 3 Khabir Rockets hit Hadera for the first time, 90km south of the border was the farthest since the beginning of war
- Iran has supplied Hizbollah with a Zelzal battery that can reach anywhere in Israel
- More heavy fighting on the ground close to border, 2KIA's 2 more soldiers injured by anti tank missile,one severely, 5 terrorists killed
- IDF warning everyone south of Latani to evacuate

Thursday's Headlines
- 8 Israeli civilians killed in Akko and Ma'alot, dozens wounded in an intense barrage of rockets throughout the north
- Over 180 rockets fired today, Nasarallah threatens to hit Tel Aviv
- Heavy fighting in western sector, 4 IDF KIA's one seriously wounded from anti tank missile, 13 Hizbollah dead, 5 captured
- 8 brigades of 10,000 soldiers operating in 20 villages
- New rounds of air raids in the Dahiya part of Beirut
- Al Aksa terrorist says that Olmert's talk of concessions emboldens them
-DM Peretz in favor of expanding the invasion to the Latani, PM Olmert and Condi Rice are reluctant

4:45 PM EST: The big news of the past few hours was that Hizbollah, in an unprecidented escalation, launched 3 Khabir-1 long range missiles at Hadera, some 50 km south of Haifa. Hadera is a large city that is 90 km south of the border, representing the deepest attack into Israel since the commencment of hostilities. Thankfully, nobody was injured except five people who were treated for hysteria. Keep in mind that these missiles are not only upgraded in their long range capabilities, but also carry a heavy payload of explosives that can be extremely deadly. There were reports of explosions even farther south of the city, but turned out to be from the attack in Hadera. This just goes to show how powerfull these things can be and how perilous the current threat is to Israel's major population centers.

Also, to make matters worse, there are now reports that Iran has shipped a battery of upgraded Zelzal missiles to Hizbollah through Syria. This is another example of Olmert's lack of resolve to go after Syria and prevent such weapons from getting into the hands of Hizbollah. One battery contains 16 Zelzal's that have a range of 300 km. They can hit anywhere in Israel, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beersheba, and the nuclear facilities in Demona.

11:30 AM EST: It appears that the earlier report about a man killed in Kiryat Shemona was wrong. He is listed as being in critical condition. However, there was just a massive rocket attack on a village near Carmiel that killed two and injured 42, several seriously. Several rockets scored a direct hit on a resurant resulting in most of the casualties. Over 150 rockets have been fired today.

9:10 AM EST: The rockets are continuing to fall at a rapid pace in numerous locations. One more person was killed when a rocket landed next to his car in Kiryat Shemona, while another was severely wounded. 5 more people were injured near Carmiel, and several others in Safed. About 135 rockets have been fired today.

8:20 AM EST: The north is currently under a heavy rocket attack with over 80 rockets landing so far. One woman was killed in the village of Mughar. Also, following the last wave of rocket attacks in northern Israel, Magen David Adom emergency medical service officials report that in the Tiberias district, 1 victim is in critical condition and 1 serious. Another woman was seriously injured in Ma'alot. In the Kiryat Shmona area, there are 1 serious, 1 moderate and a number of hysteria patients. In Lebanon, it is now being reported that 2 soldiers were killed in Makabe in the eastern sector. Those were the ones that were previously reported to be injured several hour ago.

6:30 AM EST: In addition to the 2 soldiers who were injured in early morning fighting there were two more injured, one very seriously by an anti tank missile in Taibeh. At least 5 terrorists have been killed. The IAF has been dropping leaflets warning everyone to evacuate all areas south of the Latani. Also, there have been a number of rocket attacks on Safed, Kiryat Shemona and elsewhere. Thankfully, most of them have landed in open fields.

Column Update: It has now become public knowledge what we have been reporting from day one, that Olmert is a traitorous liberal. Here is the latest Krauthammer column showing how Olmert's lack of leadership is disappointing American's. Caroline Glick has a must read piece on Olmert's failures. She writes, "Israel's national leadership has so far managed to take every political and strategic advantage that Israel has, and turn it into an impediment. Today, assuming Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will let us win, what three weeks ago could have been a rapid victory will now be costly and slow." Paul Greenberg has some good notes and observations on the war.

Meanwhile, instead of focusing on victory, Olmert is begging the German's to send troops to Lebanon. The Germans!!!? He is also begging for diplomatic talks with Indonesia and Malaysia, two of the biggest Islamofacist countries in the world!

Friday 12:30 AM EST: The IAF is continuing to strike targets across Beirut and northern and eastern Lebanon. On the ground, there is heavy fighting in the eastern sector of the border. 2 soldiers were injured in a clash in Markaba, while 5 terrorists were killed in fighting in other villages. Meanwhile, the rockets have begun to fall on Kiryat Shemona.

10:00 PM EST: The IAF has resumed airstrikes on the terrorist Dahiya neiborhood of Beirut. Despite the lies of the media about widespread destruction of Beirut, only 1% of Beirut has been targeted, which means that not even all of Dahiya has been under attack. I really hope that they will finally level this area into submission. And they need to stop warning the terrorists when they are going to strike. This is a war that was started by Hizbollah and backed by the pro Syrian Lebanese government and they need to pay for it.

In other news, we reported earlier that the Defense Minister Amir Peretz is in favor of expanding the ground operation to the Latani river. This is the bare minimum that is required to neutralize the rocket threat and prevent more IDF casualties by hamstringing the army. Well, Haaretz is now reporting that PM Olmert opposes the idea!!! That's right! Olmert is to the left of Peretz who is a self described Marxist! This war cannot be won until Olmert is removed.

On the diplomatic front: Sec. Rice hinted to a willingness to call for a cease fire before Hizbollah is destroyed at all. She said to garlic breath Larry King that the U.S. is moving "towards being able to do this in phases that will permit first an end or a stoppage in the hostilities and based on the establishment on some very important principles for how we move forward." While this statement is certainly reprehensible, I believe that she is just echoing the sentiments of the traitor PM Olmert.

5:00 PM EST: The IDF has announced that another soldier was killed by an anti tank missile in Al Taibej this evening. This brings the total number of KIA's today to 4. Here is an informative analysis of Hizbollah's anti tank missiles. Also, DEBKAfile has a must read report on the failings of Israel's leftist government in conducting this war.

Column Update: In regard to the Qana incident, INN has a full report on what really occurred. Here is a great Human Events piece on the liberals attitude towards Israel.

4:00 PM EST: The NY Post is reporting that a German newspaper has obtained information that Osama Bin Ladin's son, Saad, who has been under house arrest in Iran for two year, has been released by Iranian officials and dispatched to Lebanon to help Hizbollah. Saad has been a major figure in Al Quieda and has been involved in the planning of many terrorist attacks. This is just more proof that Shiites and Sunnis will put aside their differences and unite to fight against the west.

In other news, WND is reporting that Hizbollah has been executing suspected collaborators in Bint Jabel for giving aid to the IDF. Earlier we reported that many local villagers have been giving vital intellegance to the Israelis. This is something that will not be published in the liberal media.

3:30 PM EST: WND is reporting that a top Al Aksa terrorist said during an exclusive interview that he heard PM Olmert's comments about surrendering more land and claimed to be emboldened by it. He cited the past examples of how terror attacks have constantly forced Israel to retreat and give them the strategic gains needed to facilitate more attacks against Israelis. After hearing this from a terrorist, I cannot understand how Olmert is still in charge and not expelled from Israel. Talk about giving aid and comfort to the enemy!

Update on attacks against Jews: There have been many attacks against Jewish cites around the world since the Seattle shooting. They have occured in Australia and throughout Europe. Well, evidently there has been a firebomb attack on the Baltimore Hebrew University yesterday. Of course the media is silent about the ordeal and refuses to suspect it to be a (muslim) hate crime. The Baltimore Sun has the details here.

3:00 PM EST: In Northern Israel: The big news is the tragic murder of 8 Israelis by Hizbollah rockets. 5 civilians were killed outside a bomb shelter in Akko, including a father and daughter. 3 more were killed in Ma'alot on a farm. About 13 civilians were seriously injured and another 35 were treated for light injuries and shock. There were two major waves of rocket attacks today. The first one occurred in the morning when about 40 rockets were fired and caused some damage in Kiryat Shemona, but no casualties were reported. However, around 4 PM Israel time an intense barrage of 130 rockets commenced that lasted for over an hour, and resulted in all of the casualties and tremendous damage. Many people were wounded while driving in their cars. Over 180 rockets were fired in total today in addition to the 210 fired yesterday.

In Lebanon on the ground: There was heavy fighting throughout the day within 20 villages along the Lebanese-Israel border. Most of the fighting is taking place in the western sector. 3 IDF soldiers were killed and one was severely wounded in the southwest village of Rajmin when their tank was destroyed by a Hizbollah anti-tank missile. This is in addition to the 4 soldiers who were killed in Aita over the past two days; also as a result of anti tank fire. 13 Hizbollah soldiers were also killed in the fighting and 5 more were captured.
Hizbollah's anti tank missiles have been the greatest threat to the IDF on the ground. In the past few years, Hizbollah has equipped itself with missile systems and other means against Israeli tanks, which are among the most advanced in the world. The terror group possesses Fagot and Cornet missiles with tandem warheads that can neutralize tank shields and destroy even the IDF's advanced tanks.

There are currently 8 brigades of roughly 10,000 soldiers operating in southern Lebanon. The Israeli DM Amir Peretz announced that they plan to establish a security zone that will extend 6-8 km inside of Lebanon, in which all Hizbollah towns will be razed. He has also called for the IDF to advance all the way to the Latani river in an effort to destroy the rocket launchers. This will involve the occupation of the major port city Tyre and will require the approval of the cabinet to call up more reserves. I'm not sure what they are waiting for. 10,000 soldiers is not nearly enough for an operation that requires the destruction of 6 years worth of Hizbollah defenses. This is causing unnecessary casualties. After 3 weeks they are still fighting and taking casualties within 2 km of their own border!
Also, if they think that after 25 years of Hizbollah occupation they only have their weapons deployed south of the Litani, they are mistaken. It is going to take the full strength of the IDF and many weeks to destroy Hizbollah in every corner of Lebanon. All of this talk of a several day time limit and UN resolutions are nonsense and should be discarded. Only a firm resolve to fight this war whole heartedly, with a decisive goal and without any political correctness will lead to victory with the help of the Lord. Prayer is the biggest weapon against these godless vermin.

In the air campaign: Israeli jets renewed air strikes Wednesday night, hitting 70 Hizbollah targets Thursday. They bombed Hizbollah-dominated S. Beirut, rocket sites in Tyre, Iranian weapons re-supply routes via Syria in the east and a bridge in northern Akkar. The bridge over the Orontes River connected the Hizballah's northern stronghold in Hermel. Meanwhile, the IAF just dropped more leaflets over southern Beirut warning all "civilians" to evacuate. This might be a prelude to the major destruction of this terrorist stronghold. Nasarallah responded in a televised address that he would fire missiles on Tel Aviv if they continue to bomb Beirut. A senior Defense official said that they would detroy the entire infrastructure of Lebanon if such an attack occurred. I seriously hope that he means it.

On the forgotten Southern Front: Debka reports that the IDF has mounted a ground, engineering, tank and air counter-terror operation in Rafah, Gaza. Rafah is close to the place where Hamas kidnappers seized an Israeli soldier on June 25 sparking intense Israeli military action to recover him and halt the daily Qassam barrage on southwest Israel. Palestinians report five dead, while the IDF says 8-10 armed Palestinians were killed. At least one was identified as belonging to the governing Hamas and three were claimed by Islamic Jihad. They fought the advancing Israeli APC's with guns and anti-tank rockets. Meanwhile, the Kassams continue to be fired on a daily basis.

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