Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quit Believing the President, Mr Boehner

That was the admonishment from Congressman Louie Gohmert to Speaker John Boehner.  There is simply too much credulity among the Republican leaders if they believe that Obama has any intention of enacting meaningful and consequential cuts that would vitiate any part of the dependency empire - the empire that feeds the Democrat party.

Republicans need to rally behind Pat Toomey's bill to ensure that interests payments are prioritized.  They should also pass Michele Bachmann's bill to prioritize payments to military personnel (HR 2496).  Once they secure the short-term pitfalls of not raising the debt, they will have nothing to lose by fighting for a balance budget amendment; the only real long-term solution.

Watch the full press conference of Reps. Gohmert, King, and Bachmann here:

(HT: CNS News)

Bonus Video:  The Republican Study Committee came out with their latest video pushing for Cut, Cap, and Balance:

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