Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ben Cardin's Radical Eco Agenda Strikes Again

Nothing exemplifies the out-of-touch supercilious demeanor of progressives more than their eco-fascist views.  Due to their radical environmental regulations, which are promulgated at whim, many Americans are forced to suffer from more serious environmental phenomenon.  The case in point?  Pesticides.  

For years, the EPA has hampered the efforts of farmers to deal with crop-killing bugs. They require all sorts of licenses and regulations in order to use basic pesticides that have been in use for many years. Anyone in Maryland can commiserate with the stink bug problem we suffer from, as a result of the bans on pesticides. One of the more onerous regulations promulgated by the EPA is a recent directive requiring all farmers to obtain a permit in addition to a license for the use of a pesticide.

In March, the House voted 292-130 to repeal the permit requirement, garnering overwhelming bi-partisan support. An identical bill was approved unanimously by voice vote in the Senate Agriculture Committee a few weeks ago. Now Ben Cardin plans to filibuster this bi-partisan bill under the false pretenses that the pesticides will….you guessed it, harm the Chesapeake Bay.

Here is the story from the Sun:

Maryland's junior senator is threatening to filibuster a proposal to limit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's oversight of pesticides that end up in the nation's waterways, including the bay. The move, which at the very least will delay the legislation, has set off a behind-the-scenes scramble among advocates who hope to override him if he carries through on the threat.[...]

His decision to hold up the legislation, which sailed through the House of Representatives on a bipartisan vote in March and had recently been approved by a Senate committee, was the latest effort by Cardin to address clean water, an area in which the veteran lawmaker has taken a growing interest since coming to the Senate in 2007.

While the Sun is all agog with glee over Cardin’s spate of radical environmental obstructions, they are forgetting the facts. There is simply no evidence that usage of these pesticides will harm the watershed. Additionally, everyone is forgetting the fact that farmers already apply for a license from the EPA to use the chemicals. Why have burdensome and duplicative requirements for a permit?

The sad thing is that Cardin has gotten away with this chicanery his entire career. He hides behind the Chesapeake Bay as he encourages job-killing, price hiking “green” policies that will hurt the common man – the very person whom Cardin purports to endear.

The Founding Fathers warned us of unbridled power of an “elected tyranny”. That is why they pushed for a constitutional Republic instead of a democracy. In a pure democracy, a majority of people can vote for elected officials who will impose tyranny on the masses. That is exactly what we are suffering from in Maryland.

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