Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strike Back at Obama and O'Malley-Sign Petition Against Tuition for Illegals

Earlier today, both President Obama and Governor O'Malley launched an assault on the very essence of our nation; our immigration system.  Obama called for full blown amnesty, even though he has already granted defacto amnesty through administrative fiat.  Governor O'Malley, seeking to take advantage of the media surrounding Obama's immigration speech, signed the the bill granting in-state tuition for illegals in Maryland.

Such disregard for our borders and sovereignty is inexcusable.  This is an issue that should resonate even with supporters of big government.  A nation without border is not a nation at all.  Please show Obama and O'Malley that we will not tolerate their repudiation of our fundamental laws.

Remember to sign your name exactly as its written on you voter registration card.  Also, you must print the bill on the back of each petition.

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