Tuesday, May 17, 2011

O'Malley Continues his War on Motorists

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley has a real animus for our American freedom and tradition of driving cars.

He has scuttled efforts to drill for shale oil in western Maryland, thereby blocking more domestic supply for oil; he has proposed a massive increase in the state gasoline tax; he has planted speed cameras all over the state (brought to you by his corporate cronies); he has impeded traffic by securing federal funds for superfluous and ineffectual construction projects (with road signs that promote his name); he has signed laws requiring tougher emissions standards for cars, raising the cost of each vehicle by over $1,000, all the while, forcing taxpayers to subsidize his paramount agenda of forcing us all on public transportation.

In case the politically tone deaf voters of Maryland haven't gotten the message, O'Malley is now proposing massive toll increases on Maryland's highways.  They plan to use the funds to support the profligate and unnecessary fiscal burden the state will incur from the Intercounty Connecter between Montgomery and PG counties.

Imagine for a moment how much money we could save by cutting funding for illegal aliens?  We could use those funds for O'Malley's pet construction projects instead of sticking it to Maryland motorists and commuters.  But in O'Malley's worldview-one without cars and the freedom of mobility-this is just par for the course.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do in this one-party oligarchy to directly prevent tax hikes.  However, by signing the petition against in-state tuition for illegals, we will show Maryland Democrats that there is a mobilized opposition and we will expand that mobilization to other legislative issues.

Fight back against O'Malley and sign the petition today.


dunce said...

Mr. Horowitz you know better than anyone that people who wipe their butt with the flag and constitution will ignore any petition.

Daniel Horowitz said...

Would you like to elaborate?