Monday, May 02, 2011

O'Malley Plans a Special Session Ambush, Gas Tax Hike

In case you were wondering how we survived this year's legislative session with only one major tax increase (although there were a bunch of increases in fines), be forewarned of two words; special session.  In September, the General Assembly will meet in a special session to finalize the decennial redistricting plans.  Unfortunately, special sessions also provide Maryland Democrats with extra opportunities to saddle us with more tax hikes and odious legislative proposals.  As such, they blithely anticipated this opportunity as they let us off the hook from further tax increases in the primary legislative session.

So, which tax are they planning to increase?  The gas tax, of course!  Only in Maryland can the politicians suggest such a pernicious plan and not fear electoral reprisal.

A plan to raise the state gas tax to cover road construction and repair was shot down in the General Assembly this session. As voters watched the price of gasoline go up and up, lawmakers backed off a plan to add their 12 cents to the existing 23.5 cents Marylanders already pay.
But that may not be the end of it. A special session in the fall could give the General Assembly another chance to pass it. (WTOP)
So let's get this straight.  O'Malley blocks efficacious means of increasing fuel supplies via shale fracking; proposes a statewide energy tax to fund the impotent and inefficacious green energy projects of his corporate cronies; now he is plotting a direct increase of our cost at the pump!

What is the rationale for such an inane and ill-timed tax increase?  They claim that the state highway trust fund is going bankrupt and the roads need to be repaired.  However, the truth is that the Democrats purloined the trust fund and placed that money in the general fund so they could spend it on their pet special interest projects.  In addition, Maryland received a disproportionate amount of stimulus money for that very purpose.  The reality is that no amount of tax increases will ever satiate their unbridled and profligate spending habits.

The bottom line for Maryland consumers and tax payers is that we must ensure that our politicians fear political reprisal from their actions.  Consequently, there is no better deterrent than contributing to the petition drive to strike down the in-state tuition for illegal aliens on a ballot referendum.

Please click here to use the electronic petition filing, or here if you would like to volenteer to circulate the petition to all of your friends.

If the insidious hooligans in Annapolis see our fruitful efforts against other inimical legislative ideas, they might think twice before increasing the gas tax. 

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