Thursday, August 19, 2010

Walter Kuebler: The Liberal Running for State Senate in Maryland's 42nd District

This election is very critical for the future political landscape in Maryland.  In addition to the chance of retaking the Governor's mansion this year, we have an opportunity to break the Democrat's veto proof majority in the Senate.  They currently control the Senate 33-14 (it only takes a 3/5 majority in Maryland to override the Governor's veto) and have the ability to override any veto that a Republican governor would stamp on their insane legislation.  We only need to pick up five seats to break their stranglehold.  One of the most vulnerable targets is Democrat Jim Brochin who represents the suburban Baltimore 42nd district.  This is a marginally Republican district which is held by a man who is the equivalent of the national blue dog/lap dog prototype.  We must defeat Jim Brochin in order to stand a chance at reaching the magical "19".

People are often complacent in researching their local candidates and tend to vote based upon random calculations.  It is therefore imperative to expose those who are fraudulent Republicans.  There are two candidates running in the September 14 primary; Kevin Carney and Walter Kuebler.  Walter Kuebler is a leftist former Democrat who is muddling up the primary field.  Kuebler used to be a member of the Carrol County Democrat Club and campaigned for Bill Clinton  He also ran for congress as a Democrat 10 years ago.  Red Maryland is now pointing out that Kuebler signed a pledge that he would raise taxes on alcohol to pay for socialist health care programs in Maryland  Even Jim Brochin didn't sign the pledge.

Kevin Carney is the only real Republican in the race and is endorsed by delegates Bill Frank and Sue Auman.  To be sure, there are no "red meat conservatives" running for office in this part of the state.  However, Walter Kuebler is an impostor, while Kevin Carney will be part of the team to break the Democrat's stranglehold on Maryland politics.  There is a lot of potential for us to make substantial gains in the suburban Baltimore districts this year.  In fact, there is a report out today that Harford County has more registered Republicans than Democrats for the first time ever.  We cannot afford to let RINO's squander our only chance at making this a two party state.


bigbutt said...

hi walter kuebler here and yes im running for state senate in the 42nd district. truthfully i entered the republican primary largely because of the strategic realities of winning a primary against a well-funded incumbent (brochin).
Im finding however that it is an opportunity to blur the lines of party identity a bit and get beyond the adversarial dynamic that has so dominated (and paralyzed) our political process.
I am certain that voters and citizens want good government and not a load of bickering and wasted time, money and energy. they can get plenty of that on msnbc and fox and cnn etc....between commercials.
I support the two party system (one on friday night and one on saturday night!) and I am grateful that it provides a vehicle and a structure for candidates to run in primaries and to speak their schtick even if ones politics dont conform to the party line; and I would like to sincerely thank the Republican Party and the people of Maryland for this opportunity.
As for the alcohol tax(which hasn’t been raised since 1955): what’s another quarter for a five dollar cocktail when your mortgage balance due is greater than the value of your home?
This is what Bill Clinton understood and why business people of all political persuasions dug his process even if they didn’t like his style.
True conservatism to me means efficiency, productivity, waste reduction, balance and even generosity. When everyone feels included and respected and valued, great things and blessed things can happen in our world.

Whatever way you see things, vote your values. vote your interests. vote your mind. vote your heart. this is our democracy. this is our republic.
JFK said in his innagural "we observe here today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom."
God Bless America, its people and its neighbors.

Daniel said...

So you are ostensibly saying that the whole reason why you are running as a Republican is because you can't beat brochin in a primary?

This is a dishonest and disingenuous move. You are entitled to hold your own convictions, but the bottom line is that there are two competing ideologies in this country. All this talk that parties don't make a difference is nonsense. There is a sharper contrast between the parties than ever. To run as a Republican for political expedients is disgusting. We have enough liberal Democrats in this state. Why run as a liberal Republican?

As far as the alcohol tax is concerned, yeah, We conservatives oppose it. We believe in filling the budget shortfalls by cutting all the socialist programs that take money out of the private sector while creating, perpetuating, and exacerbating poverty. Just look at Baltimore City. Then again, you are a Democrat so you wouldn't understand that. I am fine with those convictions, but please don't misrepresent your motives.