Saturday, August 28, 2010

J.B. Jennings for State Senate

We continue our coverage of local races, as we focus on the race for Maryland’s 7th district Senate seat.

Conservative star Andy Harris has vacated the 7th district Senate seat to run for Congress against Congressman Frank Kratovil.  Harris was a conservative warrior who fought the socialist, pro-criminal and illegal alien agenda at every turn.  While he will make us proud as the next conservative Congressman from Maryland, he will leave an obvious vacuum of leadership in Annapolis.  This is why it is so essential to fill his seat with a likeminded passionate conservative.  Not only must we augment the Senate Republican Caucus by five seats in order to break the Democrats’ stranglehold on Annapolis, we must fill the existing seats with authentic conservatives.  This district, which covers parts of Harford and eastern Baltimore counties, is a conservative oasis and must be represented by a dynamic conservative.  This is why we support J.B. Jennings to continue the great work of Andy Harris in the 7th district.

J.B. Jennings has lived a life that would make the founding fathers proud.  Unlike the majority of the power brokers in Annapolis, who conduct their lives like typical limousine liberals, Jennings has lived a true American life.  He worked hard as a youngster manning his family farm.  He later co-managed his own milling business and now runs a ranching farm in Jappa.  J.B. has been a volunteer firefighter for 16 years for the Jacksonville VFC.  In 2002, at a very young age, Jennings was elected to the House of Delegates, and was appointed deputy minority whip shortly thereafter.  He continued to work his farm and serve as a firefighter every year he was in office.  In the summer of 2008, well into his second term in Annapolis, and approaching the age of 35, Jennings decided to enlist in the Maryland Air National Guard.  Jennings pledged to serve only two terms in the House and is now vacating the seat to run for Senate.  Jennings is a true citizen legislator and public servant.

During his time in Annapolis, Jennings has been stalwart on issues pertaining to energy policy.  Conservative pundits often focus on the anti-business climate of the state legislature under the leadership of Mike Miller through the prism of their egregious tax and spend policies.  Those issues are undoubtedly important and must be addressed.  However, the most destructive policies emanating from Annapolis from a conservative perspective are the draconian regulations in general and the climate fascism in particular.  J.B. Jennings has been a bulwark against these job killing monstrosities.

Over the years, Mike Miller and the Democrats have crafted the most heavy-handed brand of climate fascism in the country (outside of California).  These “green” policies represent the biggest existential threat to our personal liberties of any misguided public policy initiative.  In addition, these regulations eliminate jobs, mitigate economic growth, expel the few remaining businesses in the state, and most importantly, they impose debilitating backdoor taxes on consumers.  These policies raise the cost of every vital product and service that Marylanders rely upon.  Thus, the environmental policies of the “progressives” help perpetuate the most regressive burdens upon low income earners.   

J.B. Jennings, with his expertise on energy issues and as a member of the House Environmental Matters Committee, has worked tirelessly to stop this green fascism.  Jennings understands the true motivations of the Democrats and the green lobby.  It is quite transparent to him that the eco-socialist policies have nothing to do with the man-made hoax of Anthropogenic Global Warming.   This is why Jennings fought valiantly against the Orwellian “Clean Air Act” and the state cap and tax bill.  This bill would have been more destructive to our economy than the defeated national cap and trade bill in WashingtonJennings has pledged to oppose the green police state in the senate and will bring much needed experience on energy issues to our side in the senate.

Jennings has also shown leadership on the issue of illegal immigration.  In light of the recent epidemic of fatalities at the hands of illegal drivers, Jennings has made illegal immigration a priority issue.  He has fought against the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegals and the funding of the criminal organization, Casa de Maryland.  Jennings has pledged to push for legislation to force compliance with the Federal Real ID Act.  Andy Harris was the leader in Annapolis against the criminal behavior of Mike Miller and Brian Frosh in their push to make Maryland a sanctuary state.  J.B. is the man to continue Harris’s vital work and stop the illegal invasion from destabilizing our security and bankrupting our state.  According to a new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal immigrants cost Maryland taxpayers a whopping $1.7 billion a year.  That’s practically as much as the current projected budget deficit. 

To be sure, Jennings’s opponent, former Delegate Al Redmer, is also a good conservative.  However, we are looking for someone who has exhibited passionate leadership on the defining issues of our time.  Also, J.B. has lived in the 7th district his whole career and is in touch with the values of his constituents. 

There is also one more important aspect of political candidates that conservatives are yearning for, and Jennings fits that bill.  J.B. is a member of the citizen’s class, not the governing class of statists.  The politicians in Annapolis, who impose nanny state laws ranging from draconian car seat regulations to the water restrictions in our toilets, are all part of the governing class.  All too often we elect Republicans who outwardly espouse conservative values, but behind the smoke filled rooms in Annapolis are co-opted by the governing class.  J.B. is the prototypical citizen legislature who lives among the citizen class and categorically rejects the statism of the governing class.

Let’s build a new farm term of young conservative leadership and help J.B. Jennings spread his message of true “progressivism” all the way through November.

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