Sunday, August 22, 2010

Greg Bartosz for Congress in Maryland's 3rd District

Greg Bartosz
Maryland's 3rd district is currently held by stealth Congressman John Sarbanes.  Although this seat has been held by the Democrats since the 1920's it is not as liberal as it would appear at first glance.  After the last census, the Democrats gerrymandered this district in order to make the adjacent 2nd district more liberal.  They were actually successful and have elected Dutch Ruppersberger to that seat ever since Ehrlich retired.  However, the net result was that the third district actually became less Democrat.  In fact, Charlie Cook rates it as D+6, the lowest rated Democrat district in the state (excluding district 1 which I don't consider Democratic).  Much of urban Baltimore City was removed, while parts of the more conservative Anne Arundel County were added.  You can actually see by viewing the map how this district is one of the most ridiculously contrived geographical distortions in the history of gerrymandering. 

To say that winning this district in November is an uphill battle is an understatement.  Nonetheless, Ehrlich easily carried this area in 2002, and with him at the top of the ticket, in conjunction with a fired up conservative base and a depressed Democrat turnout, could result in a huge upset.  John Sarbanes is one of the most liberal members in the House, a status that is hard to attain amidst such heavy competition.  He has voted with his party 99% of the time.  Sarbanes has the rare distinction of scoring a lifetime 0% record from the American Conservative Union.  In other words, Sarbanes is more liberal than Chris Van Hollen, Steny Hoyer, and Donna Edwards! He is also more of a do-nothing, stealth congressman than his father (and that is saying something!).  Most of all, he lacks any substance or command of the prevailing issues.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak you will come away wondering how someone so lacking in basic policy prudence can be elected to a federal office.  The only plausible answer is that he shares his father's name, and has never received stiff competition.  We can change that this year by supporting Greg Bartosz for Congress.

Greg Bartosz is the only red meat conservative running in the Republican primary.  He is a tea party candidate who is new to politics.  Like many of those conservatives, what he lacks in political experience, he more than compensates for in terms of substance.  Bartosz is the antithesis and ultimate antidote to everything that is wrong with John Sarbanes.  While Sarbanes was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and got elected simply by virtue of name ID, Bartosz has earned his recognition.  Most important, he is running a substantive issues based campaign, something that is foreign to the policy-challenged Sarbanes.  Just take a look at Greg's website and ask yourself if you have ever seen a campaign website that contains so much informative and original policy stances and commentary on almost every major issue.

As the November election draws closer, we need to realize that there are many districts that can potentially become competitive if we apply the minimum measure of political activism.  If this year is going to be the conservative tzunami that political prognosticators are claiming, then even Maryland's third district is in play.  Sarbanes has the most liberal voting record of any member representing a similar district.  He should not be enjoying such a safe hold on this largely suburban Baltimore district.  However, you can't win with nobody.  This is why we must arm Greg Bartosz with the wherewithal to combat Sarbanes's million dollar war chest.  You can donate by clicking on this link.

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