Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chris Daggett's Running Mate Frank Esposito Voted For Obama

While most people outside of New Jersey haven't given much thought to the Lt. Gov. candidates, it might be worthwhile to set the record straight. After all, due to a law passed by the New Jersey legislature in 2005 this will be the first year that the office of Lt. Governor will exist in this state. We already pointed out that Sierra Club endorsed, sales tax increase, Chris Daggett is spoiling the election for Chris Christie by claiming he will be more fiscally conservative. Well, it seems that his running mate Frank Esposito voted for Obama last year.

So let me get this right. Conservatives who are disenchanted with some of Christie's views are supposed to vote for someone who voted for Obama? The only purpose of Daggett's candidacy is to reelect Corzine.

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