Monday, October 26, 2009

Chris Daggett is a Liberal Environmental Wacko

New Jersey voters don't be fooled. It is pretty clear that without Chris Daggett on the ballot, Chris Christie would be the next governor. Jon Corzine has never polled above 42% even in the best poll results. Chris Daggett is the only person who could keep Corzine in office at this point. He is trying to hand the election to Corzine. Although it is quite clear that Christie is not a red meat conservative, he is our best option and is infinitely better than Corzine. Liberal publications and the Republican establishment are trying to label Daggett as an insurgent conservative challenger similar to Doug Hoffman in New York. We have already proven how preposterous that claim is on every level. Daggett is no Doug Hoffman.

If you take a look at Daggett's website, you will discover his unequivocal validation of the extreme left wing hoax of Anthropogenic Global Warming. While there is no doubt that Christie is less than perfect on environmental issues, what he espouses on his website is less liberal that Daggett's platform. Even if we were to make a decision to lose an election for ideological purity lets lose it on a conservative. Daggett is more pro global warming legislation, pro abortion, gay marriage, and embryonic stem cell research than the moderate Christie.

Daggett's website is full of liberal fallacies about fossil fuels and global warming. This is perhaps the most important issue for conservatives. He even uses the Obama Marxist dogma of "creating green jobs". Energy in general and oil, coal, refineries (which are important to New Jersey), and nuclear power in specific are the lifeline of our economy. Any limitation on them is a direct and profound blow to our prosperity and liberty. There is no issue that is used to retard our economy and infringe on our choices in life more than the global warming hoax. Anyone who buys into it to the extent that Dagget goes is a liberal. Chris Daggett is nothing bought a front for the Democrats.

The bottom line is that there are definitely some concerns about Christie's commitment to conservative issues. However, there is no way that such concern can sincerely come from a Sierra Club endorsed, super liberal former NJ EPA head, pro gun control leftist. The only motivation of such a candidate is to elect Jon Corzine so he can implement more of Daggett's radical economy destroying environmental agenda.

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