Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Thank You Congressman Andy Harris

It is quite inspiring to have such an unvarnished conservative like Andy Harris representing Maryland.  In this blue oligarchy, we are lucky to elect any Republican, let a along a true conservative.  Yesterday, Congressman Harris opposed his own leadership and joined 65 other members in opposing the bill to raise the debt ceiling.  This bill handed Obama his full lifeline until after the election, without imposing any enforceable and transformational change (other than cutting defense and creating a 19th debt commission).

Most people don't appreciate how hard it is to oppose one's leadership, especially at such a pivotal time.  It is all the more inspiring that Harris is a freshman member who is willing to expend his political capital standing on principle.  Harris was also part of the select group of congressmen that opposed the CR deal in April.  Keep fighting on, Congressman Harris.

Now, if only we had people in leadership who exhibited such intrepid determination to limit the size of government!

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