Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tony Campbell, Baltimore County's Obama Supporting Republican Chairman

Lost amidst the devastation of of the Maryland GOP this past election, was a low profile election for Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee.  Baltimore County is one of the few localities in which the voters choose the committee chairman as opposed to the committee's members. During the September primary, a little known challenger, Tony Campbell, edged out incumbent Chris Cavey for the Chairmanship of the Committee.  Some members of the committee warned that Campbell had worked for an organization named "Republicans for Obama" and that we were facing an Orwellian situation in which there would be a wolf gaurding our hen house.  Well, it appears that our fears have been confirmed.

Last week, Campbell urged his fellow committee members to endorse radical, campaign finance crook,  Democrat Ken Oliver for County Council Chairman because he would "become the first African-American chair of the County Council".  In addition, he is demanding a commission for organizing fundraisers for local Republicans.  Last Wednesday, he sent out an email to the other members of the central committee telling them to impeach him of they don't like it.

Folks, you can't make this stuff up!  Do the Democrats have county party leaders who are members of Democrats for Palin?  Why are we saddled with this nonsense when our party is so small and insignificant in the first place?

Baltimore County is the key jurisdiction to any electoral success in Maryland and it is imperative that we have a committed conservative to lead our effort in this area.  Is it too much to ask for to have the leaders of our decimating fractious party be authentic conservatives?

Unfortunately, it appears that we are stuck with this impostor in Baltimore County for 4 years.  But we have a golden opportunity to elect a conservative tea party leader as state party chairman on December 11th.  Sam Hale, the founder of Maryland Society of Patriots, stands out as the only effective conservative voice among many uninspiring candidates.  You can see an interivew of Sam with our friend Mark Newman here.  Call your Republican Central Committee members and urge them to vote for Sam Hale so we don't wind up with Obama Republicans running the full state Republican Party.

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